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Eastern Kentucky University Paramedic Student Already Saving Lives

Eastern Kentucky University Paramedic Student Already Saving Lives

Brittany Lancaster is a student currently enrolled in the Paramedic Program at Eastern Kentucky University.  As such she has been learning how to assess and treat patients suffering from a multitude of maladies over the last two years.  However, she is already licensed by the state of Kentucky as an Emergency Medical Technician and works for an area ambulance service.


Recently she was dispatched to the report of a “sick” person call.  Sick person calls are not that uncommon.  Many of the times, the patient is just that…sick.  Lancaster was assigned to a Basic Life Support ambulance that day.  On her arrival she found a male patient, in his 50s, who, according to Brittany, “just didn’t look right”.  Using the skills obtained while a student within the EKU paramedic program, she began to suspect that this patient was much more than just “sick”.


Under recently updated Kentucky state EMS protocols, EMTs are allowed to “acquire and send 12 lead ECGs to the appropriate locations”.  Brittany was suspecting that this patient was suffering from an acute myocardial infarction.  She quickly applied the 12 lead ECG and what she saw confirmed her diagnosis.  On review of the ECG, she saw that the patient had ST elevation in most of the views of the heart that were obtained.  She quickly called for an advanced life support ambulance and the patient was transported to a local cardiac receiving center.  While there he was diagnosed with multiple coronary artery blockages.  Had it not been for Brittany’s excellent assessment skills, this man might not have been able to survive to care for his family.


The faculty of the Eastern Kentucky University paramedic program are proud of the work that our graduates are doing in the provision of the highest levels of pre-hospital emergency medical care around the state, the nation and, yes, even internationally.  Brittany is an excellent example of someone who takes the skills that are offered and is able to put them to use immediately!  If you feel that such a career is for you contact us today at to learn more about the programs that we have available for you!

Published on February 21, 2017

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