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A Married Couple and Paramedic School…Can They Find Happiness?

A Married Couple and Paramedic School…Can They Find Happiness?

Jon and Leah aren’t your normal paramedic students.  Sure, they have the same dynamics as other paramedic students have, time management, finances and other priorities.  The difference between them and other students is that they are not only married to each other, they married just a few weeks before their paramedic advanced sequence of classes began last year.

According to Jon, “Unless you’re one of those rare mutant virtuosos of raw determination, you find that marriage, like most things in life requires a patience level that Ghandi could appreciate!”  They both realize that being married while in paramedic school has both its ups and downs.  One thing that they learned early on is that, though they may not be able to control their circumstances regarding course load or other sources of stress, they could control how they reacted to them.  “During class we drag each other out of bed in the morning and I like to think that we are drawn closer as we work to attain the same goals each day”, said Jon. 

Leah says that being in the paramedic program at Eastern Kentucky University works for them because they help drive and motivate each other long before beginning school.  She recalls an episode where she had been concerned about her overall health and well-being.  According to Leah, “One day he bought me a pair of running shoes and said, “Put these on, we are going running”.  She recalled not particularly being fond of him at that time and “may” have used even stronger words to describe her dislike of, not only running, but Jon as well.  However, because of his persistence, they both lost weight and became healthier.  They do the same for each other now with class.  The goal is to keep pushing forward.  We keep going. 

When asked what they do in their limited free time, Leah responded, “We get excited when we see a good medical related picture or video on the internet and discuss what the best treatment option would be.”  Jon said, “It is rare that we have a date night and when we do there’s usually a lingering awareness of some important deadline coming up.  You try to ignore it; but it’s there. 

When asked why they chose the paramedic program at EKU, their reasoning reflects the strong belief that “almost anyone can help someone move a piece of furniture; the vast majority of the population doesn’t possess the skillset to be a key player in reversing someone’s imminent death.” 

For more information about the EKU paramedic program visit their website at or contact Bill Young, Program Director at bill.young@ or call 859.4291367.  

Published on February 12, 2015

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