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Sea Gull Leaders Part 2 of 3

Sea Gull Leaders Part 2 of 3

Part 2.  Don't Make a lot of Noise

Don't you just hate being around that one person who loves to hear himself talk…mostly about himself!  It’s important to remember that the best leaders provide regular and frequent feedback, positive and negative to those that follow them.  That’s not noise.  This type of feedback is incredibly important to those who want to improve.  Seagull leaders, on the other hand, love to squawk about how busy they have been, about who they get to hang out with AND what is going to happen the next time someone “messes up”.  They are the last to do anything extra…unless someone higher than their rank is in the area.  Their noise isn’t limited to just the verbal kind either.  Rather than deal with a problem employee in a one on one basis, they are more likely to send out multiple mass emails threatening the entire company for something that could have been easily rectified with a simple conversation.  Most of the time, they don’t have time for that what with all self-promotion that they are doing!

The effective leader works with and develops others.  It might be that brand new EMT student who is in awe of you as a paramedic that you have the greatest impact upon.  Maybe prior to his shift riding with you, the sentiment, unspoken and maybe even spoken was “Get in, sit down and shut up”.  Invest your experience in that person for in doing so you will be building a legacy that will last for generations!  Make it safe for that rookie partner of your to make mistakes without feeling like she will face the wrath of Khan.  Build up the next generation of EMS responders, don’t tear it down for one day the response that they make may be to you or one of your family.  

Published on January 25, 2016

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