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What’s Your Excuse?

What’s Your Excuse?

Corissa Walters is the EMS version of Wonder Woman. She is employed by the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services (KBEMS) as an Inspector/Liaison to ensure that licensed ambulance services across the state are complying with the current regulatory statutes. Her inspection territory encompasses the western side of the state, to include Evansville, Indiana down to Nashville, TN and all the way to the border of Missouri, in Fulton, KY. She is also a licensed Paramedic with Critical Care Endorsement who travels approximately 400-500 miles per week for her job. She has worked at KBEMS for over a year at this time. But wait!!! There’s more!!!

Corrisa and her husband, David, a professional firefighter with the Elizabethtown Fire Department, have a beautiful family of five kids. Twins McKenzie and Will are 11 years old, Thomas is 9 years old, Jade is 3 years old and our newest blessing is John who is 1 years old. They also have 3 dogs to add to the family, a beagle named Pap, a Rat Terrier named Jax, and our Yellow Lab named Chance. Her husband is also the Chief of the Rineyville Fire Department in their hometown and works a third job for State Fire and Rescue Area 5 as an EMT Instructor and Fire Instructor. David is also back in college part time and is completing his Associate Degree in Fire Science. This is a family that VALUES higher education!

When asked about the biggest challenge that she has faced coming back to college Corissa says that learning to manage her time in the most expeditious manner possible has been a challenge. This semester she is taking 14 credit hours and she says that it has been quite an experience as well a s test of her management of time. Her children are in numerous activities and she not only handles that, but maintains the house, cooks all meals, and holds a full time job. She has learned that when her children go to bed, that’s her homework time. A normal night in her home consists of “putting the kids to bed around 8:30 p.m. then I do homework till around midnight or later. I then get back up at 6:00 a.m. to get all kids up and out the door for school. I have learned that there are no downtimes for me at this point, that if there is a moment that the kids or work doesn’t need me then I have time to do homework.” This method has worked well for her so far. It is her belief that an education is valuable and views it as “dedicated to your dreams and making it work. Where there is a will there is a way.”

Her desire to go back to school was a personal, intrinsic goal. She has always wanted to finish her degree, but did not have the opportunity until last year to start on it. She states, “When I graduated from high school the only thing I wanted to do was be a Paramedic. I went to college for one year on a full basketball scholarship and then let it go to obtain my EMT certification.” At that time, they did not offer the Emergency Medical Service degree that is offered currently. Once I learned that the EKU Department of Paramedicine offered this degree, she says she was “compelled to finish it”. This was one of the major reasons she chose EKU. She also went on to say, “EKU is a leading school in the areas of law enforcement, firefighting, and EMS. I know as a EMS professional, a degree can only benefit me in all areas.” Her current employer, the Kentucky Board of EMS, is also very focused and supportive of their employees obtaining these educational goals if desired and that has helped tremendously. When asked about what she felt was the best thing about attending EKU she was quick to reply, “The Professors! I feel you truly get a one on one experience with your Professors. Each and every Professor I have had thus far has went out of their way to ensure that all my questions are answered and assist me in anyway. It makes the transition of being out of school for quite a while so much easier. It has truly been a pleasure and gratifying experience to be working on my college degree at Eastern Kentucky University. I am proud and excited to say I will one day be a graduate from this college.”

Published on October 04, 2016

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