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Why Pick EKU For Paramedic School???

Why Pick EKU For Paramedic School???

Recently, I received an email from a prospective student asking, “Why should I consider EKU for paramedic school?”  I thought that it was such a great question that I turned it into this week’s blog post.  I have always been driven by the “why” question.  This is probably the reason that I stayed in trouble as a child!  The following is my response.

Good afternoon ___________. 

Great question!  One that every student should ask about any school that they intend on attending.  As I am most familiar with EKU, let me tell you why I feel that you should attend our program.

1.  Faculty.  Our entire faculty is at either the master's degree or doctorate level.  Only a handful of schools in the country and none in the state of Kentucky can boast of such a level of instruction. In addition, our faculty does not react to changes in emergency medicine, we help form those changes.  For example, our program chair, Nancye Davis is a member of the Kentucky Board of EMS as well as sits on the Education Committee.  Dr. Sandy Hunter has written books on EMS and currently is a member of the board of directors for the NREMT, the national certifying agency.  I just rotated off the board of directors for the National Association of EMS Educators as well as I am a current site visitor for the Committee on the Accreditation of EMS Education Programs.  David Fifer, a graduate of our program and now a faculty member is a nationally known expert in wilderness medicine and is in the process of writing a text on the subject.  No other place in Kentucky can begin to match the depth and breadth of the faculty that you will experience.

2.  Faculty.  From the above paragraph, you might expect our faculty to be stuffy, grumpy and hard to get along with due to inflated egos.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  I know of faculty that have spent their own time and money to assist students when they ran into various kinds of challenges.  I have seen faculty spend multiple of hours, without any additional pay and with no charge to the student, tutoring them when they began to stumble in a subject.  I know of a faculty member who paid the electric bill for a student when it was a choice of either paying it or paying the remainder of their tuition.  Another paid for tuition for a promising student who needed a pre-requisite course but did not have the money to pay for it.  We set high standards for our students, but we go right along with them, as a faculty to help them reach those high goals.

3.  Our students.  Our students go on to some pretty incredible careers!  One student has been the paramedic assigned to the UNITED STATES Supreme Court.  We currently have one student who is in charge of all the tactical medical responses for the federal prison system.  We have had a student who has served as the only medical person for a science station in Antarctica.  We have a student who has gone on to supervisory position with one of the largest, most progressive EMS agencies in the southeast.  Of particular, though, we are the most proud of our students who provide emergency care on a day to day basis.  They are the front line soldiers in the battle against trauma and disease. 

4.  Simulation.  Most schools will tell you that they have simulation.  Most of the time it turns out that they have a manikin that is rarely used to its fullest capacity.  At EKU, we use high fidelity simulation.  Thanks to the support of our Dean, Dr. Victor Kappler, we have been able to add state of the art Laerdal Sim Man 3G manikins.  These simulators were designed for and used by the United States military to train medics who are working in very hostile environments.  In addition, we are preparing to open our new simulation lab this fall.  This is a four room suite that includes a bedroom, a nursery, a skilled nursing facility as well as a master control room.  If that wasn't enough, the simulation continues in our new ambulance simulator, the back of an ambulance through which we can pipe in siren and road noise to get students accustomed to care while on the road. 

5.  Accreditation.  EKU Department of Paramedicine will celebrate its 40th year of operation this year.  For most of that time we have been accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of EMS Education Programs.  Actually we were the second paramedic program to be accredited in the nation, losing out by a matter of hours to a college on the west coast that you might have heard of...UCLA!  We are proud to operate for the last four decades in such lofty company.  

In closing, we welcome your close scrutiny as we feel that we don't just meet the standard, we set the standard for everyone else.  I would invite you to schedule a visit and speak with our faculty, our students and our graduates.   If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me at  

Published on August 16, 2016

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