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EKU to Launch Online/Hybrid Paramedic Program

Officials with Eastern Kentucky University’s Department of Paramedicine today announced the launch of their online/hybrid paramedic program in January 2017.  According to Program Director Bill Young, “this program will combine the best of technology and the expertise of the nationally known EKU faculty to make it possible for EMTs who might not be able to gain the advanced

Why Pick EKU For Paramedic School???

Recently, I received an email from a prospective student asking, “Why should I consider EKU for paramedic school?”  I thought that it was such a great question that I turned it into this week’s blog post.  I have always been driven by the “why” question.  This is probably the reason that I stayed in trouble as a child!  The following is my respo

EMS Compact...A Big Benefit for Providers

Each state licenses or certifies its EMS personnel, and it is through this governmental approval that providers care for patients.  For some states, their approval covers a provider throughout the entire state, and for others, it (essentially) only allows him or her to practice within a county, or at a specific location – like a busi

Who are your “Stars of Life”?

From time to time, I am asked, “Why did you get into EMS?” I even ask that question, usually it’s when students enter our Paramedicine program or they are applying for a letter of recommendation through our University pre-medical school review committee.  I usually hear answers like, “My Mom was a Paramedic.”, or “My Dad was a Fire Fighter.”. 

Just A Dumb, Red-Neck Hillbilly

"You are just a dumb hillbilly!" When I was a kid growing up, I heard this all the time. I do something that will be considered something that I love and right there was a person saying, “Just who do you think you are?? You’re nothing more than just a dumb hillbilly!” All through the stages of my life I have heard it time and time again.

The Problem with EMS

One of the things that I really enjoy about my job as an EMS educator is that I have the opportunity to travel around the country and meet with other instructors and their students.  Once, while on such a trip, I was interviewing a class of Paramedic students who were getting ready to move from their classroom and hospital clinicals into the real world of field EMS.  As I was their as

Paramedic Students Celebrate Graduation

Twenty six paramedic students were approved for graduation at Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday, May 14.  Needless to say (but I’m going to say it anyway!) I am so very proud of these young people who have taken the last two or four years of their lives, placed them on hold from family, fun and other more pleasurable things to invest in an education that they will have for the

Slaying the NREMT Exam Dragon

It’s that time of the year when students’ thoughts turn to final exams.  If you are an EMS student, specifically that means it’s time for preparing for the NREMT written exam.  This can be the most challenging exam that a student takes in their educational career.  This article will provide some steps that will help you to be prepared for your exam.

EKU Paramedic Students and Faculty Garner Awards

Last week, two separate groups of EKU paramedic students were honored for life saving work as well as excellence in academics.  On Wednesday, April 28, faculty member David Fifer and students Jon Gaddis, Leah Gaddis, Brad Harp and Ashley Brosmer were honored by EKU President Benson during the regularly scheduled Regents meeting held at the main campus.

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